Female Ambassador, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah Speaks at LeWeb 2009

This week saw LeWeb 2009, in which men and women from across the web addressed almost 2000 attendees in Paris.
One of the first keynotes came from Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdulla who 'through social media has found a way to champion education and the right of every child around the world to go to school'.  Introduced as the World's most tech-savvy Queen, the enigmatic Queen Rania started her speech by promising the remainder would be in '140 character sound bites or less'.  Her talk broached social media, its impact on people's lives and the world as a whole, touching on the future following of inanimate objects on Twitter - think your local airport or train station, although Queen Rania was also very interested in knowing when her fridge had run out of chocolate.  Her thoughts on the internet are incredibly visionary and yet intensely personal.  As a Queen the internet, and in particular Social Media, has opened up her life, helping to demystify the myths of what she does.

Here, you can see the full address in which she states: 'souls will get an IP address' and ponders the ability of the realtime web to bring about real world change.

Keynotes from other female figure heads included:

  • Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah
  • Catherine Barba - Founder & CEO of Malinea
  • Violet Blue - Author, Columnist, American blogger and sex futuris
  • Danah Boyd - Researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at the Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet and Society
  • Jennifer Corriero - Co-founder and Executive Director of TakingITGlobal
  • Laura Fitton - Founder of Pistachio Consulting & oneforty
  • Marissa Mayer - Vice President, Search Products & User Experience Google
  • Jennifer L. Schenker - Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Informilo

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