Female Entrepreneur launches Brightwide.com: You Tube for Social and Political Cinema

Last week at the London Film Festival, social enterprise Brightwide.com, a platform where you can watch the best social and political cinema, was launched. The venture, which was co-founded by female entrepreneur Paola de Leo, formerly of Amnesty  International, has a high-profile co-founder in actor Colin Firth.

The mission of Brightwide is to Watch, Think, Link, Act.  People can watch the best of social and political cinema on Brightwide, but don’t need to stop when the credits run. Brightwide wants the audience to engage in a passionate and multi-faceted debate all around their films and issues, and to get involved and to act together with their partner charities, such as Amnesty, Oxfam and Save the Children. It therefore intends to create a partnership between film-makers, campaigners and the audience giving them the tools to explore the issues and make a difference, all in one place.

The first film was the premiere of ‘No One Knows About Persian Cats’, after which a debate ensued. Films are selected by experts and reviewed by artists, journalists, authors – and the audience.

Colin Firth spoke at the launch of Brightwide, which he called a Forum for Debate and a Forum for Action.


what a fantastic idea, these films are a great way to motivate someone about a cause and now they will have the tools to help them take action on that motivation.



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