Female Internet Hero Angel Gambino joins Social Network Sonico

Female Internet Hero Angel Gambino joins Sonico - the social network of Latin America that organises people's lives online - as its new Vice President, Business Development at Sonico headquarters located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Picture 1Founded in July 2007 by Rodrigo Teijeiro, currently Sonico's CEO, Sonico is the social network of Latin America that organises people’s life online and has been widely adopted across Latin America. Indeed the social communication platform has over 42 million registered users.

Located in Buenos Aires, and with a team of over 80 people, Sonico was elected by BusinessWeek as the 5th tech startup with the highest global growth potential. Sonico closed its first round of capitalisation of USD 4.3 million in May 2008.

By defining new multi device strategies and developing partnerships, Angel will play a key role in accelerating the growth of the company.  Prior to Sonico, Angel used her international experience within media, technology and entertainment as Global VP, Music & Content at Bebo.

“I am excited to join the social media experts at Sonico to help build a stronger and more sustainable bridge for brands and other potential partners focusing on growth markets”, said Angel Gambino.

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