Three Women form Partnership to benefit Women Biotech Entrepreneurs

Carola Schropp of Demy-CoultonWomen entrepreneurs that start and grow biotech companies will receive extra support from Astia, the global organisation that helps women-led companies receive funding.

Astia led by CEO Sharon Vosmek announced a strategic collaboration with the EBD group led by founder and CEO Carola Schropp and with consulting company Demy-Colton Life-Science Advisors led by founder Sara Jane Demy. The latter companies are organizers of the Biotech Showcase.

The aim of the pact is to ensure that the entrepreneurs gain the investor and industry relationships needed to successfully grow their businesses.  The biotech companies that are participating in the Astia Program in Silicon Valley will have the opportunity to present at the second annual Biotech Showcase 2010, a forum providing private and public companies an opportunity to present to an audience of investors and biopharmaceutical business development executives.

“The Biotech Showcase has quickly established itself as a premier venue for companies to present their innovations to potential private and institutional investors and business development teams from pharmaceutical and large biotech firms,” said Sharon Vosmek, CEO, Astia.  “Being featured at the Biotech Showcase has the potential to catapult a company several steps forward toward achieving its business goals, and this is why we view it as ‘the forum’ for the Astia companies to be showcased.”

“Astia is an organization we are excited to be working with,” said Carola Schropp, President, EBD Group.  “By working with exceptional women entrepreneurs as they drive innovation and build successful biotech companies, Astia plays an important role in the long-term success of our bio-economy.”

“I am very excited about this opportunity to work with Astia. Building a successful life science company takes great science, access to capital and, above all, a great management team. We are very impressed with the community that Astia offers up and coming management teams and the fact that advisors are there for the long-term,” said Sara Jane Demy, President of Demy-Colton Life Science Advisors.

Chris Meda, president and CEO of Astia supported company, Arcxis Biotechnologies, remarked, “As CEO of a biotech start up and an Astia alumna I am excited about the announcement of the partnership with Biotech Showcase – this will allow Astia entrepreneurs to benefit from the power of the Astia community while ensuring we are being showcased in one of the premier forums for our industry. Astia has always reached out for the best opportunities for its entrepreneurs and this is another illustration.”

Astia's Silicon Valley Doing it Right program provides unprecedented access to funding, markets and expertise resulting in an exceptional success rate for its clients.  Since 2003, greater than 60 per cent of the companies who have presented at the Astia Investor Forums have achieved funding or an exit within one year.  During this same period, 12 companies have exited, including two in the biotech space.

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