Female Founders to Pitch at The NextWomen Event October 7th 2009

Karin Loeffen of Libersy
October 7th 2009, will see The NextWomen play host to female founders, leaders and investors in the latest in a series of events to encourage and stimulate funding in female led businesses.  Sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials and Women Inspired by Wine, the hunt is on for three tech-savvy start-ups to assume the role of Pitch-preneur.
Date: Wednesday 7 October 2009
Time: 5.00pm – 11.00pm (evening networking starts at 9:30)
Address: London CBC, Sun Microsystems Ltd, Regis House, 45 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AN
Cost: £37.50
Or: £30.00 to members of The NextWomen LinkedIn Group

As with nature, and especially in a credit crunch, ‘Darwinian Business – Survival of the Fittest’ will look at what makes a business a financial success.  Two successful female business founders will discuss their experiences – from the birth of their great idea, through its growing pains, to its funding, the maturing of the concept and finally exit strategies.

Sustenance, experience and advice will allow women, with businesses at various stages of life, to understand how their concepts can best thrive and prosper – when bootstrapping is the best solution or when it is finally time for that first round of funding and in return for what equity, large or small, to plug a gaping big leaking financial hole or just to keep the business ticking over, or when it is simply time to cash in and try something new.

In the first part of the evening, ‘Imbibe: Only Camels can Survive the Desert without Water’, attendees will enjoy an hour of informal networking with fellow internet industry professionals.  Sip on some prosecco whilst investigating others’ business tales – be them of a financial desert, an oasis in an otherwise arid surroundings or a financial downpour – before settling down in the comfort of Sun Microsystems London offices for an evening of insight and intrigue.

Before the pitch-preneurs take centre stage, 'Mutations: The Dynamic Nature of a Start-up’, will see two female internet heroes, including Karin Loeffen, CEO and Founder of online booking platform Libersy discuss the two sides to a financial coming of age: ‘The Newborn – Life Before Funding’ and ‘The Teenage Years – How to make use of your best (financial) assets’.

It will be hard not to find inspiration from these two women who have experienced the search for funding first hand.  Karin Loeffen achieved an impressive €1.5m in funding through the concept creation of her online booking application, Libersy, which can now be seen on the BT Tradespace Book it Now service, and the second speaker will be equally as impressive.
In ‘Natural Selection: Those Best Equipped will Succeed’, a panel of experts - including: Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital; Bill Morrow of Angels Den; Bindi Karia of Microsoft Bizspark and Anna Sofat of Addidi Angels - will take part in an interactive Q&A session that puts business issues of the event’s attendees at its heart.  No dilemma stone will go unturned; if a business has an issue the experts will find the solution.

With the first Pitch-preneur confirmed as Katie Lips of Little World Gifts, and a second and third hot on her heals, the evening is set for yet another fierce battle with founders pitching to a panel of investors and industry experts.  With the last events commanding entry to the Astia Doing it Right Programme and a place in cmypitch.com Live, there is no doubt that this prize (to be announced shortly) will be every bit as good.

The pitch-preneurs will establish what it is that is essential for others to know about their business by stripping their pitches to the bare minimum and delivering them in just three minutes.  But with the inner workings of each business laid bare, pitchers will have no time to rest as the investor panel questions the detail of each concept, before an eventual winner is declared. To take part in the event as a Pitch-preneur don’t hesitate to contact simone[at]thenextwomen.com with details of your business.

Networking is all about increasing your chances of success, and in ‘It’s all in the Genes – The Meeting of Two Great Minds’, the evening will end with just that opportunity. Enjoy canapés, a drink or two and the chance to meet one of the many investors, founders and leaders who will be present at the event.

This will be the latest in the popular series of Female Internet Heroes events, where women can gain support and advice towards growing their internet-based businesses, and is not only for women – men are welcome too.

TheNextWomen.com is the brainchild of Simone Brummelhuis, who has created an international online magazine and cross-media platform about women in business aimed at women leading, investing or founding start-ups and internet-based businesses. The event is organised in conjunction with Sun Microsystems and Women Inspired by Wine, and will be a chance to meet some of the other thousands of women in The NextWomen community.

“These events present an excellent opportunity for greater participation and visibility in the internet industry,” said Simone. “It will be a unique opportunity to profit from these experts’ insights and to receive valuable feedback and suggestions on your funding pitch”

Become part of The NextWomen (London) Meetup and click here to book tickets online.  For a discount code join The NextWomen LinkedIn Group.

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