Is 6rounds the Future of Online Social Video Networking

Occasionally I come across a site that seduces me with its branding and marketing.  More often than not, as I delve into its team I find there are no women involved, but even more occasionally I just have to share the site.  Co-founded by Ilan Leibovich and Dany Fishel - but with a female software developer on the team, Elizabeth Ekshtat - 6rounds is a newly launched service offering a unique place for women (and men) to hang out with their friends and to network with new people.

Currently in private beta, 6rounds is a rich, interactive and personalised video chat platform that takes shared experiences and real-time collaboration to a whole new level. Combining webcams, social activities, and interactive zones, the platform offers users an exciting variety of experiences that they enjoy and share together live and in real-time: from shopping together, sharing presentations, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, co-facebooking or youtubing, to exchanging tips and beyond.

What lured me into the site, however, was their use of digital media.  We all use Facebook (even if it is just to stay in touch with friends) and Twitter, and are members of communities like LinkedIn and the odd Meetup group or two, but 6rounds has fully integrated digital media to the site.  Video is a very hot topic at the moment, with many thinking it is the future of the net as television networks race to get their media online, and 6rounds might just be leading the social media race.

Watch their short demo above, and if you are equally drawn in register to be one of the first to enjoy the platform using this unique link for NextWomen readers.

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