Gina Bianchini's Ning Raises an Additional $15m Funding

Ning, the online service is headed by Female Internet Hero Gina Bianchini  has raised $15m in a new venture funding round. With Ning, that is based in Paolo Lato California users can create, customise and share their own social networks, and apparently 1 million accounts have been created with 27 million members from its launch in February 2007.

According to Entrepreneur Country, the investment by Lightspeed Venture Partners is the fifth funding round Ning has conducted and values the company at  $750m. Its last round, just over a year ago, raised $60m at a valuation of $500m, and before that 44 million was raised. Its start was funded by Marc Andreessen, co-founder, Gina Bianchini and other angel investors.

Gina Bianchini, co-founder and CEO of social networking platform Ning is a true innovator on the web scene. Gina was among the 20 most influential women in web 2.0 named by Fastcompany, with other women including Rashmi Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Slideshare and Marissa Mayer, Google’s first female engineer and many more.

Gina actually started out in the financial sector, after pursuing a BA in political science and an MBA from Stanford University. She worked at a number of financial firms, including Goldman Sachs, before founding an ad analytics company called Harmonic Communications. After it was bought by ad agency Dentsu, she co-founded Ning with Marc Andreessen, Netscape Founder and Boardmember of eBay.

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