Serial Entrepreneur Deirdre Bounds Launches Ethical Children Parties website

deirdre-bounds-pageitem69It was a bedsit to exit story. Deirdre Bounds set up ethical travel company in the beginning of the nineties, and after it became in 10 years the world’s largest gap year company, she sold the firm to a FTSE 100 company in 2007 for about 20 million pounds. She said then:

I’ve got two young children. I certainly won’t be setting up another business. I’m too tired. Why do I need the stress?”

And yet, Deirdre Bounds just did that in 2009: setting up another company . She recently launched her second online ethical business – – a website that offers an ethical alternative for busy parents fed up of the throwaway consumerism perpetuated by children’s birthday parties.

The site is best described as a cross between Just Giving and Oxfam Unwrapped, and allows conscientious parents to make donations towards a charity or cause chosen by the birthday child themselves instead of buying material gifts.

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On the site, there are a variety of theme parties, such as Dragon-, Frog- and Football Parties, which are all linked to a charity of that theme. The Football party is for example linked to he Homeless World Cup, an annual, international football tournament which brings together teams of people who are homeless and excluded from all over the world, to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country by playing football – and change their lives forever. And if a child may not be immediately convinced of not receiving gifts, there are 5 tips to convince your child that it is a good idea, one of them being: Lead by example.

It took Deirde only 2 years to come up with the new online business. After the sale of her company, Deirdre became speaker on entrepreneurship as well as consultant for startups who needed down to earth advice and getting things done, while performing as a judge on many award Panels, such as the Everywoman National Business Awards 2008.

At the same time, she wrote book on her experiences, called ‘Fulfilled- A Personal Revolution in Seven Steps’ which the main message: "We need to look at ourselves in a new, radical way to discover who we really are, and only when we know this, can we go and get what we truly want." Deirde considers herself an entrepreneur in the purest sense – no commercial experience, no family history of enterprise, no money, just a great idea, a pile of passion, masses of mistakes, will to make it happen, and a sense of humour. The book became an overnight best seller in the UK and is to launch in the USA in January 2010.

But apparently, the entrepreneurial drive to starting again with all the stress involved in it became too strong to resist and so the new company has launched.

It's nice to see a woman that's so strong, determined with a such big work ethic. What a great story.

-Mary M

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