Sarah Beeny starts DIY Buy and Sell Property website

sarah beenySarah Beeny is quickly becoming a serial entrepreneur; this month she is launching a new online service for people looking to buy and sell their homes in the UK. The service is called TEPILO and business partners are Will Miller of CMYPitch and her husband, the artist Graham Swift.


So what is Tepilo?

Sarah: "In a nutshell, Tepilo is a place where you can buy and sell your home and take control of the process yourself. What's more, we won't charge you a penny for doing it. Its free to use and easy to manage.  Tepilo will guide you through the process, from uploading your home and getting ready for your first viewing to completion day and everything in between. IT is called Tepilo, because when I was a child my father used to tell me stories about a fantastical palace called Tepilo; a wonderful place to escape to. It seemed the perfect name for my new property site!

Right now we're inviting people to upload their homes in advance of the main site going live in July. All you need to do is follow the link to get started."

Stating the Reasons to Sell

One of the main questions that a prospective buyer has, when viewing a house will be: Why does the owner want to sell this house? On Tepilo, the owner is able to state the reasons to sell, such as: I've recently refurbished my one bedroom flat, and now have to sell it with regret due to relocation for work purposes.

Buying & Selling Advice

A feature on the site is the tips that Sarah gives when buying & selling a house. From tips of buying in an auction, tips for first time buyers, buying off plan to understanding freehold and leasehold, the site aims to become a comprehensive guide. Even though the website will give clear legal advice throughout the process, people are still deemed responsible for appointing a solicitor once a sale has been agreed, just as one normally would.

Serial Property Entrepreneur

The venture Tepilo seems to be more in line with how the public got to know Sarah: as presenter of the Channel 4 programme Property Ladder and other property related programmes, author of several books on property and property developer herself. Question remains whether people are sufficienly secure to DIY on the property market when selling or buying a house.

I have a 5 bedroom detached house with large garden and land with outline planning permission. I have had 5 estate agents value it and offer 'advice', but they are all different in their valuations and advice as to what is best to do with it. It does need work but that surely can't make that much difference to their views. eg. sell land first, get it built up on then sell the house, even if it takes 2 years. e.g. joint venture with a builder for land. eg. sell lot as it is as it won't sell as 2 separate plots etc etc

hi sarah iam looking to sell my home on your new wedsite, can you let me know if it applies to north ireland pls.

thanks jack

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