Jules Pieri puts Products and their Stories at the heart of her Startup

Jules Pieri from jules.dailygrommet.comJules Pieri is founder and CEO of Daily Grommet, which connects shoppers with one unique product - a Grommet- a day by sharing the story behind its creation in a short video. Creatively, the definition of a Grommet reads as follows:

* It's a wonderful product still waiting in the wings, just ripe for discovery.
* It has great utility, or style, or invention. Or, very often it has all three.
* It comes from a designer, or inventor, or artist, or manufacturer who is clearly passionate about what they create. Someone who loves to share their creations and talk to people about why they do what they do.
* It comes from a company that treats its customers well.
* Finally, like any intelligent or beautiful product, it has a great story, ready to be told.

Eventhough the company puts the product and the story at the core of their business, and thus says that those products, and their creators, and the people who love them (the products, that is) are the real heroes at Daily Grommet, it is Jules who came up with the refreshing concept, based on her long term expertise in strategic products development.

Jules has been building consumer brands and developing innovative products for over twenty years. She held positions in Strategic Planning at Stride Rite Corporation and in Strategic Marketing and Licensing at Keds Corporation. She also worked with Playskool as product strategy consultant, and at Design Continuum, a leading international product design and engineering consultancy. She lived in Ireland from 2001-2005, where she consulted to consumer facing enterprises. Jules’ expertise and enthusiasms span social media, retail, brand, and product strategy.

As a consumer products expert, she considers her core competency to be cultural anthropology; in other words, figuring out why people do the things they do, and making businesses and products that respond to real consumer behaviours and needs. Jules often writes about these topics on her blog, and also contributes to Intent.com, a wellness destination for capturing and sharing peoples’ intentions – personal, social, spiritual and environmental.

Jules studied Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and French at the University of Michigan, and was conferred an MBA degree by Harvard University, where she was selected by faculty members to receive the Ellis-LeBaron Fellowship. Following her blog gives you insight in the design, social media, cultural anthropology and her own start-up.

I have bought several things from Daily Grommet (and have seen them highlight things I have suggested!). Love their daily videos, and am a big fan of Jules. Love her background too: industrial design/ graphic design/ MBA.

Hi Beth--I was blissfully unplugged for a week in Tuscany. It was nice to come back from that incredibly indolent vacation and be named a "hero." I should be a lazy git more often, if this is what happens. Thanks for noticing our small but mighty internet endeavor.

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