Julie Meyer's Entrepreneurs Country for European Entrepreneurs (re)Launches

One of our favorite Female Internet Heroes, Julie Meyer, has launched her website Entrepreneur Country during a conference last week we attended in London at the Institute of Directors. As owner of Ariadne Capital, Julie sees many start-ups, SME's and other ambitious entrepreneurs who are rarely covered by the media.

If you open the newspaper on any day of the week, you’ll see that the media focuses on the FTSE 100 - old, established, "big business", and on governments who are actively defrauding the “little guy." The media don’t really start paying serious, regular attention to any emerging company until it has arrived in a big way.

entrepreneur countryHowever, as she says, the average company owner, the SME entrepreneur, the Individual Capitalist goes to work each day in a fictional place – let’s call it - “Entrepreneur Country”, which is hardly covered by the media. Entrepreneur Country’s mission is thus to become the entrepreneurial home – the must-read, and the must-contribute-to place – for Europe’s entrepreneurs. One of the first things, Julie had the following recommendations for a prosperous Entrepreneur Country:

1. Individual Capitalism has come of age

The rise of the serial entrepreneur, the micro entrepreneur, the young entrepreneur, the portfolio entrepreneur and the lifestyle entrepreneur has been unmissable over the past decade in the UK. The trend has arisen due to “Individual Capitalism”, a form of business where the basic unit is the individual rather than the corporation, and it has gained enormous momentum. And yet small does become big, and start-ups do change the world, in the process creating jobs, new industries, wealth and pride in our ourselves.

2. Reduce the size of government in order to reduce the tax burden on SME's

The high PAYE and NIC amounts to HMRC are one of the most debilitating factors in running a private company.

3. Challenge the Media to step out of their comfort zone

Open any national newspaper, and count the number of articles on SME's or start-ups, and you'll have to look hard. As consumers of media, we must demand that more coverage of the emerging giants is given to high-growth businesses which are creating new industries.

4. Treat the SME as your corner store

One of the most important ways that Britain can support its start-up ecosystem is to buy from the companies in it.

5. Educate the young to expect success

Leading entrepreneurs cite factors such as teachers who encouraged them to be everything they could be or learning environments where they were taught to think outside of the box early on in their lives as chief reasons why they became entrepreneurs.

6. Privately backed Social Enterprise

Entrepreneurs are some of the most generous people, who “send the elevator down” to the next generation as the overwhelming majority remember that they have been crucially helped along their way by others before them. Social enterprise is a hot area where many leading entrepreneurs are flocking.

7. Ecosystem Economics

There is a profound network orientation to business today. Companies that win know their place in the ecosystem in which they operate and crucially align the economics for the entire ecosystem.

8. Small Government = Strong Individuals

A thriving "Entrepreneur Country" exists when small government begets strong individuals who are encouraged early on to understand they are the architects of their own destiny.

9. Britain can handle BIG

We owe it to those creators of the next big thing to suspend disbelief and negativity, to find our optimism every morning, and to don the cloak of 'early believer' and facilitator of their success in every way that we can. Follow the Entrepreneur. He or she has the market insight, is the creator of value, is the Hero.

Hi Julie
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