Karin Loeffen's Libersy closes Major Deals with BT and Hyves

Karen Loeffen at TheNextWomen meetupIts deal time for Libersy. Within 1 month time, female internet hero Karen Loeffen, the CEO and founder of the Amsterdam based company which offers an easy booking solution for small businesses like doctors, dentists, hair salons, plumbers, was able to announce 2 major deals.

The first deal is with BT, as a consequence whereof BT Tradespace is able to introducing a new online booking and payment system, BT Book It Now, to help small businesses capture business opportunities from social networking.

The second deal is with Hyves, the hugely popular Dutch social network. Millions of members are now able to plan events with friends or others who want to do the same activity. But more importantly, small service businesses who are on Hyves are able to offer a simple bookingstool to their clients with "the push of a button."

Karin Loeffen has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Just after its start, she raised €400k in angel financing.  After pitching to VC's like Ron Conway, Accel Ventures and Balterton Capital, in December 2007 she closed a €1.2 Million round of financing. Investors included Shamrock Ventures, Value Creation & Company, Reof and Technofund Flevoland. In the meantime she won a couple of awards.

In Techcrunch, she was cheered by fellow Dutch and European entrepreneurs, like Boris Veldhuyzen van Zanten: "Congratulations to Karin! Great to see European Entrepreneurs with global ambitions…"
Libersy is in a highly competitive market to capture the services of the SME's and monetize their business opportunities from social networking.
BT is happy: Its press release reads: "Based on the Libersy online booking software, Book It Now is available for free to all BT Tradespace members at www.btbookitnow.com. It is the first e-commerce solution for companies in the service industry, such as hairdressers, restaurants, sports clubs and consultants to integrate the PayPal payments system directly into an online bookings platform within a social network environment.

With 74 per cent of all service bookings made in the evenings, BT Book It Now will provide businesses with the tools needed to serve their online customers round the clock."

"BT Book IT Now offers a unique online system for UK consumers and businesses.” said Karin Loeffen, founder and creator of Libersy. "Businesses can use the booking system to obtain more clients, use their time more efficiently and increase their revenues through BT Tradespace and PayPal.
For small businesses it’s often difficult to take time off, because they fear missing opportunities. Thanks to this system, that’s now a thing of the past."

Watch out for deal number 3!

We currently are focussing on Dutch investors and VCs.
I pitched VCs like Ron Conway, Accel Ventures and Balterton Capital before, so I would know how to connect directly. Let’s see.

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