First Women Awards Call for Trailblazers, Pioneers and Glass Ceiling Breakers

sarah brownfirst women awardsSarah Brown is in demand when it comes to celebrating women in business. Not only is she a judge at the Red Magazine'Hot' Women awards but she is also a Patron of the First Women Awards, an annual competition organised by Lloyds and Real Business Magazine. In both the awards her official title is: Wife of Gordon Brown, The Prime Minister. At least the organizers are honest in that this is the reason why she is asked to be involved in the first place, but because of the nature of the awards, it sounds so very old fashioned -before that ceiling was broken.

Anyway, nominations for the First Women awards can be submitted until March 27, 2009 for women who are trailblazers and pioneers in business, and whose achievements and individual actions have helped to remove barriers and open up opportunities for others to follow. There are several categories, including science & technology, media, retail & consumer and finance. To nominate someone, does require some time and effort:

  • A completed nomination form and supplementary questions
    (click here to download your form)
  • The nominee's CV (where appropriate)
  • A 1,000- word citation stating why the individual nominated should be considered for an award.
  • A 50-word biography for use in the book of the night should you/the candidate be shortlisted. This may be edited by our editorial team.
  • Supporting submission material. Click here for further details.
  • A high-quality photo (300dpi) of the nominee for purposes of publicity and use on the awards night if shortlisted. Email to

But as one of the nominees of last year said: "Being nominated is exciting, being shortlisted is confidence boosting and becoming a winner is fantastic."

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