Launch of Platform FemaleFactor for Style Divas, Urban Cowgirls, Business Ladies and more '360 degrees women'

There are plenty of sites for social or business networking. Founder Anja Beerepoot will launch on March 12, in The Netherlands Female Factor - a network for women who like to share and show their talents. The platform aims to bridge the mostly separated (seven) worlds that women cover in their lives. Female talent is at the heart of the matter: from motherhood to employee, from chatting to promoting; within this network women are able to play different roles. Meet Mommy Dear, Miss Feelgood, Passionate Lover, Style Diva, Urban Cowgirl, Business Lady and the Spiritual Goddess: seven females, each with their own distinct talent; a unique combination of which is inherent in each woman.female factor

As such, Female Factor seamlessly fits the current Dutch trend, with its focus on the so-called "combination woman" or the "360 degrees" woman; a female that is both socially and professionally active; a woman who can be a friend as well as an employee, mother and artist.

Members can blog about their interests and passions, but also put their products and services in a display-window. Drawing on the characteristics of the seven females offers the opportunity to meet individual needs. FemaleFactor provides a simple, effective way to connect those seeking and offering services, but you can also look for information or interact with like-minded females. Women can join the network, which combines a community website with offline events, for free.  For now, these are restricted to the Netherlands but they are looking to expand in the near future.

One of the articles that got us reading is: What is your entrepreneurial Style? The Dutch version can be read on Female Factor, the English version on

March 12 will be the official launch, with a big offline event of Club Female Factor.

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