New Social Network for Travel Bloggers Launched

kimsmallcropped Blogging can be a solitary pursuit, especially for those who are just starting out. When you have questions like how to get traffic to your blog, how to generate revenue and do not know where to turn for the answers,  it can be a daunting prospect starting a blog.

But this is all set to change with the recent launch of a new travel blogging social network Founded by Kim Mance of, the aim of the site is to offer a platform where travel bloggers can congregate, offer tips, advice and support to each other.  
The site, based on the Ning platform, allows bloggers to form groups, post blog entries and also simply swap tips and information.  With already 341 travel bloggers signed up, among which some highly influential ones, this may well be a platform that helps bloggers to survive a recession that is depriving them of much needed advertising revenue.

 The site allows bloggers to network with companies who are looking to leverage their brand through social media. Kim says;

 "I think companies getting hit with the slow economy are looking for creative ways to reach customers. They seem to be paying more attention to bloggers and want to get a "buzz" going about their services, products, or venue. Bloggers really have the power now to help shape a company's image, and the more relaxed style of independent writers creates a more word-of-mouth tone, rather than straight advertising. Smart bloggers and smart companies who are compatible with one another will actively reach out and connect with one another to strike partnerships...and what better place to do that than on the Travel Blog Exchange?"

Currently only available in the English language, Kim would love to see the network being available to bloggers all around the world in all different languages.

This article was written by Anna Colclough, co-founder, with her husband, of Tourdust – a website dedicated to promoting authentic tours and accommodation. She writes guest posts for The NextWomen about travel companies and trends.

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