Launch of Smarta: a combination of Linkedin, Eventbrite and Meetup for UK entrepreneurs

Today saw the launch of SMARTA, the latest and first social venture of Shaa Wasmund. Some experienced entrepreneurs, like Bebo's Michael Birch, and some government owned banks like RBS and Nat West, support this new community for entrepreneurs, who are defined as thinking (when they have yet to start a business), creating (when entrepreneurs have taken the step) and growing (after the first struggling years have passed and an exit is in sight). Smarta is a combination of Linkedin, Meetup, Eventbrite and Upcoming for entrepreneurs. It's for small businesses only, as they leave the larger ones to the FT..., so they say themselves in their introduction.

Smarta Home PageThere is a lot to do, read and learn from the website. Interviews with or columns by women entrepreneurs and female internet heroes like Michelle Dewberry, Hermione Way, Emma Jones, Karen Hanton and Julie Meyer (who all featured in The NextWomen last year, so we are kind of proud to be endorsed by Shaa) will give the reader inspiration or practical tips on the business. How they did it! Business and personal profiles can be made in order to connect with other entrepreneurs.Just like Linkedin, you can make groups, and just like Upcoming you can schedule events. With the business tools, one can register a company, open a bank account and get a bank loan.

Whether entrepreneurs are waiting for another social network to be fully engaged with, waits to be seen, but the start looks promising with lots of partners, information and a clear design. It looks as if the colours from the beta version have been changed for the final lauch today.

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