Female Hero of the Week: new Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

(CC: Knnknda) Carol at YahooOur Female Hero of the month is Carol Bartz, the new CEO of Yahoo.  Carol, who was appointed this Tuesday, takes on the role after former founder and CEO Yang left the company in November after he failed to strike potentially lucrative deals with Microsoft and Google.  Bartz, 60,  is  referred to as one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley and a technology veteran.  She faces the tough task of reviving the company's growth.

Bartz told reporters that she intended to ensure Yahoo gets “some friggin’ breathing room” so the company can “kick some butt.”
Bartz is former chief executive at software services company Autodesk.  Bartz was at the company for seventeen years and managed to pull it through the slump of the early 1990s and the dot-com crash, taking little time even when she had to battle breast cancer. She has also been an executive for Sun Microsystems, computer company Digital Equipment and office products manufacturer  3M Co and has served on the board of  technology giants like Cisco and Intel. Her role for Yahoo requires her to work less on technology and more on the advertising side of the company.

Shareholders of Yahoo don't seem convinced of her capacities, the share dropped 2% after the news became known.

It may not seem relevant to you, but we feel it shows her dedication to that company..! Taking little time off despite being seriously ill.

Sorry to be nagging: but why is breastcancer relevant?

Good luck to Carol!

2% is nothing comparing to global %

She had a solid turnaround rep here in Marin at Autodesk yet the culture and problems may be much steeper thee

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