Better than the Bible? The Internet Password Organizer

Internet Password OrganizerAnd there is the INTERNET PASSWORD ORGANIZER! Webpage, username, password, notes: it's that simple. Since the one-stop-shop login and passwords system has not yet been found, many scribble their login info for all different websites on post-it notes, address books and what have you. But after a review by Monica Ricci about this 'single centralized location in which to store all your online account login information', we have converted.
So, as the product information screams: stop using Post-itTM notes and loose scraps of paper to record your login credentials and get organized with the Internet Password OrganizerTM today!

As much as I love good ol' pen and paper - a password paper organizer is just like Post - Its bound together by a spiral!

Not really protected from anyone who can read plain English.

I work for Passpack and promoting healthy internet habits is crucial:

Hope it helps!


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