Launch Happycoat by Tilla Lindig

launch happycoatThis month saw the launch of Tilla Lindig's new online store HAPPYCOAT. As owner, founder and designer of the new label, Lindig has created a luxury product from traditional fabric with a sophisticated, intelligent and independent look. We liked the 'Eye Catching' Happy Coat III and the 'Business Happy Coat VIII. Orders are shipped daily all over the world, straight from Notting Hill, London.
Tilla Lindig is a known designer, mainly in Germany, for couture, and has a separate website to show her couture, shoes and other styling activities. Happycoat is her first online venture.

collection happycoat

I am myself own two men happycoats, a black and grey one. They suite me perfect and I must say I have a hard time wearing something else. The reason are the perfect fits and the great material which allows you to keep yourself warm, but not to warm in just almost any temperature. My experience range from about -5 degree to about 25 degree Celcius. I believe the Loden material, orignal developed in the Alps helps to protect you against wind and weather, and keeps you warm at the same time. I can only recommend them highly, clearly Tilla is my wife and I should say that, but the behaviour I am showing is just stunning. I have left all my Armani jackets hanging in the wardrobe and I am wearing happycoats.

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