Addidi: Club for Women Business Angels

anna sofat, founderWomen-only wealth management firm Addidi of founder Anna Sofat, will launch Addidi Business Angels at the end of September 2008. A group of 100 women will invest an amount of 1 million pounds per annum in start-up ventures. Addidi provides some great statistics on their (closed) website.

  • Only 5% of business angels are women
  • Female business angels generally invest £20,000 into start-up businesses compared with £17,142 by male business
  • Women are more likely to invest with others (21% of men 'always invest with others' compared with 50% of women).
  • Women business angels are marginally younger (38% aged 35-44 compared with 16% of men; 29% of women are 55+ compared with 47% of men)
  • Women are more likely to be motivated by the desire to support the next generation of entrepreneurs (25% saying this was 'very important' compared with 5% of men) and to support socially beneficial products/services (50% of women saying it was 'quite' or 'very' important, compared to 11% of men).

Addidi is a financial advisory firm with a women-only clientele for lifestyle, financial and wealth management needs. In the FT ,Sofat said: "Addidi is women- focused with female only members, the investment club was a natural outcome. Various types of women can come to us - anyone who needs all round service and is willing to pay our fees."

Only women with assets more than 1 milion pounds in liquid assets are accepted at the firm.

we have a contact there if you are interested? send us an email!

What's their web site?

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