Social web browser for women: gloss

A customized edition of the Flock social web browser,  Gloss has launched, report thenextweb and Center Networks.  

Gloss targets women interested in fashion, celebrities and gossip. It is not suprising therefore that the customized edition comes in pink, decorated by a lipsticked mouth and filled with custom news on these topics.

Launch partners include Glam Media, Glamour, The Budget Fashionista, TMZ, Cosmo, DesignerApparel, PopSugar, iVillage and others. They provide Flock's daily news feeds.  
At thenextwomen we think many women have a sense of fashion and a brain, so may we suggest to add some business news?

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2010: "The Flock Gloss Edition is no longer available. We appreciate all your support in this fun project, and we sincerely hope we helped you stay plugged in."

This is very disheartening to me.

Right when women are finally gaining some recognition from the male dominated industry of internet marketing about the fact that women are very talented, knowledgeable, smart, interesting and excel at social media, this browser comes along to takes us back to the perception that all we really care about is how we look ?

I really like flock and it appealed to us as social human beings. Makes me want to go back to Explorer?

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