Book: Once you're lucky, twice you're good

once you'r lucky, twice you're goodOnce you're lucky, twice you're good, describes the start-up culture in Silicon Valley, according to Sarah Lacy. The writer and tech journalist refers to the scepticism of post-bubble internet entrepreneurs' towards one-off success.

It is a book that tells of the people who emerged from the 2001 dotcom rubble to found companies that took the Web into the 21st century; people such as Mark Andreessen or Mark Zuckerberg. Stories also about Ning and Six Apart founded by female entrepreneurs.

Through her work as a tech journalist, columnist for BusinessWeek and co-host of Tech Ticker on Yahoo! Finance, she provides great insight into the rise, fall and rebirth of Silicon Valley.

In line with the web 2.0 idea that we are all authors, and all reviewers, this week you can judge the book for yourself. Here's Sarah Lacy's book presentation at google.

If you are not convinced, maybe look again, twice could just be good.

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