The Outlet of Net-a-Porter will indeed be The outNet?

According to a small news item in the Financial Times, (update  March 2009: A big article in the Sunday Times Magazine) Natalie Massanet, founder and CEO of Net-a-porter, is planning an outlet version of the chic clothing retail site. Such a spin-off would be a smart move by Massanet as, despite a sale at the much visited website, which seem to thrill fashionistas, the business suits and weekend outfits that net-a-porter has on offer have steep designer prices. The planned sale or - outlet site  will reportedly be named Outnet. (update March 2009) it will be The Outnet.

Natalie Massanet is one of the Female Internet Heroes who made headlines in 2008.

At this time, you can only put your name on the email list at the website: THE OUTNET. The website will launch in April 2009.

It's a pretty good move of the Net-a-Porter empire, other companies that have gone this designer-vintage online route earlier are in The Netherlands: Designer-Vintage, and in the UK, The Closet Bureau, which sells on e-bay.

Fashion blogs are pretty happy about it.

hi Can you please add my details to your mailing list as im in a fashion school it would be good for me too buy things from the any thanks. and good luck dont think your going too need it as this is one of the best thing that have happened to NET-A-PORTER.

Can you please add my details to your mailing list. Best of luck with your new venture.

Looking forward to receiving info with regard to this new outlet

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