Learning to Myngle

What happens if you spot a business opportunity in language teaching, have experience with Ebay and realise that technology enables you to be taught by anyone, anywhere in the world?

You get an e-learning marketplace such as was founded by Marina Tognetti and her international team. Myngle.com is a global language centre, founded by female entrepreneur Marina Tognetti, where teachers and students from all over the world can myngle: meet and teach other.
What Myngle does is provide students and teachers in different locations with a platform and all the tools needed for e-earning a language. Teaching takes place via skype and a digital blackbord. And if users have a webcam, they can also interact face to face.

Myngle is a true marketplace, where everyone can find a teacher matching needs, budget and language level. What's more, a teacher has a public feedback rating made up up of comments and ratings left by his or her previous students. In that way you can see how the teacher was valued by his or her former students.

Co-founder Marina Tognetti has worked in business development, marketing and consultancy for and with companies such as Ebay, Procter & Gamble and Sara Lee. She told dutch paper De Pers that she got the idea for Myngle.com when she was taking classes in Chinese. At this course all students were at a different language levels and so she soon realised taking these classes would cause her more frustration than it would teach her. Hence she came up with the idea of a one-to-one online learning space. It certainly is a unique idea, as there exists no similar platforms.

See here for a demo of how it works:


Thanks for introducing the resource. I have been using Myngle, it is great. Beside Myngle, I also have been using Fortemall.com because I teach math there. If you would like to teach or learn topics other than languages, maybe you can give it a try.

Myngle and Live Mocha are great sites and I really enjoy the community at Edufire.com. It's so wonderful that these sites are springing up all over the internet world!

I have a little pull at Edufire.com so if you are interested in a free tutoring session (the community is free to join) email me at sandrajp at comcast.net and I'll set you up!

Myngle seems awesome and with the amount of language learning tools available on the web I haven't gotten a chance to check Myngle out. I will give it a try. I have been using eduFire.com and livemocha.com to help me with my language learning needs.

I think both those sites have alot to offer to anyone learning a new language.

Thanks for the resource.

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