Book: web 2.0 heroes

Before all experts have agreed on what web 2.0 is, chances are web 3.0 will have replaced it.. but Bradley L. Jones' book web 2.0 heroes has made a great and timely attempt to capture the concept.  The book contains interviews with experts in web services, social and professional network developers, bloggers and other web 2.0 wizards. In Jones's book they offer great insights on the web and its future.  Expect predictions such as: web experience becomes desk-top experience,  interactive television is the next-generation video conferencing, news gathering will change radically or the demise of facebook of near.

Web 2.0 includes a number of in-depth interviews, among which the interviewees:  Adobe Executive Michele TurnerPatrick Crane, VP marketing of Linkedin, Rodrigo Madanes of Skype and Biz Stone , Co-founder of Twitter.  The only thing lacking is female interviewees (there are two: Michele Turner and Gina Bianchini of Ning).  I guess, we of thenextwomen have to provide those!


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