The Next Speaker has launched

Last Friday, The Next Speaker, a new speakers bureau was officially launched in The Netherlands. The Next Speaker focuses on content by representing only people that can speak about new media, new technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Founder is Tessa Sterkenburg.

Speakers can be booked for talks, workshops, brainstorm sessions and training courses at The Next Speaker. The Next Speaker currently has about 30 speakers under contract, and the list is growing. Some well-known dutch internet specialists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and twitterazzi have signed up: Erwin Blom (Founder of The Crowds), Oscar Kneppers (Founder of Bright Magazine), Francisco van Jole ((internet)Journalist), Richard Derks (Founder of Respectance), Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (Serial Entrepreneur), Marco Derksen (Founder of Marketingfacts) and Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon). Female speakers are Marja Ruigrok (NetPanel), Marjolijn Kamphuis (MTV) and Simone Brummelhuis (IENS, EuropeanMuseumguide and TheNextwomen), all female internet heroes.

Tessa Sterkenburg: “I started The Next Speaker after I spoke to several internet entrepreneurs that were regularly asked to speak at events. As they didn’t get paid for it, and needed to focus on their own business (many of the speakers are entrepreneurs themselves), they usually declined the invitation.

I know that companies need fresh ideas for innovation, business development and strategy and that most employees don’t have time to surf, blog or just try something new. Many companies depend on ideas from outside their own company for progress. It would be a missed opportunity if they cannot draw upon the knowledge of those entrepreneurs and internet specialists out there.”

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